The 3000 Club: Market on the Move

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The Market on the Move program with the 3000 Club is a blessing to families by offering 60 pounds of fresh produce with a $10 donation. You can eat healthy, help a charity help others, share with neighbors, and keep good food from going to the landfill.

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Night-Blooming Cereus: Third Bloom

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Last night, our last night-blooming cereus graced us with her presence. She was a late bloomer but her flowers were worth the wait! I think it is interesting how each set of flowers had slight differences that to me, gave them personalities.

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Night-Blooming Cereus: First Bloom

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I just finished writing a post about the night-blooming cereus in our yard and how they might bloom in the next few days. Then found out that it was possible they would bloom tonight! But it turns out that only one of our night-blooming cereus bloomed tonight and that we still have four left to go.

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