Last night, I decided that my sourdough starter was probably as active as it was going to get. So I put it in the fridge in a new container.  I forgot to feed it though, and believe it or not, this fact kept me up last night. I got up around 11 PM to feed it because I felt guilty. I felt guilty about a starter! Isn’t that weird? I must be attached to it like it’s a pet. I was also up trying to figure out how to use my discard starter and the active starter. I came up with sourdough crumpets and buttery sourdough buns (as a base for cinnamon rolls).

My starter on Wednesday morning (Day Seven) before I fed it.

The starter after its Wednesday morning feeding.

Wednesday night, my starter had rivulets in it and a combination of large bubbles and smaller bubbles.

In the previous pic, my sourdough starter looks pretty close to what the King Arthur Flour website has for Day Seven. So now I am switching to maintenance. I gave the starter a new home in a different container and put it in the fridge.

This is a plastic container. Glass is probably better. I may go out today and buy something that will work.

Today, I am hoping to make the crumpets and store them in the freezer. I also would like to make the cinnamon roll dough. We will see if I get to both! It’s a test and quiz day for homeschooling and those are always a lot of fun!

The next Kitchen Experiment I want to do is cold-brew coffee. I think we are going to need a bigger fridge!

EDIT: It looks like crumpets and cinnamon rolls will have to wait until tomorrow. My kids will need my help this afternoon with school stuff so I won’t have time. But… I am giving them the day off from school tomorrow so I should have plenty of time then to do as much baking as I want! A note about the crumpets: I am not going to use any forms when cooking them. They will be free-form, which means they will probably be closer to English muffins in shape than crumpets.

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