I-Beam table legs

Today I was able to pick up the i-beams that I had purchased for the legs of the table I am building. Originally, the i-beam was one large piece and I needed two 28.5 inch sections cut out.  I think I surprised the metal shop with my request; it sounded like nobody had ever wanted sections of such a large beam to build something out of.

The beam was in the secondary steel section because it was older and has surface rust. I ended up paying 30 cents a pound for the metal, and $125 dollars to get the beam cut.  The shop didn’t have a saw that was able to cut anything over 12 inches (my beam was 21 inches).  Thankfully, they have another shop they work with and regularly send items back and forth.  That shop has a large band saw and was able to cut my beam.  It took two weeks to get the beam back since there is only one trip between the shops each week.

IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682

I put some of the wood that I purchased for the table top onto the beams to get an idea of how it will look once it is complete.  My next step is to remove the rust from the beams and purchase the pieces I will need to attach the beams together.


5 thoughts on “I-Beam table legs

    1. I am a little worried that we might hurt ourselves at this table… Hopefully, the kids will get used to not kicking the table legs!


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