Winter tomatoes

Winter is such a subjective thing.  Some people get freezing temperatures for 5-6 months, while others are more blessed and have mild winters.  Living in San Diego County, we have the mild type.  On occasion our temperatures will dip into the mid 30s at night, but typically we warm up during the day.  For instance we have a forecasted high of 86 on Sunday, though it is supposed to get much colder next week with highs in the low 60s.  I know it is a tough life, but somebody has to live it.

This year I am trying something new to take advantage of the weather.  I have planted 5 tomato plants in the last month or so to see how they grow.  I believe the temperatures will be warm enough, but they may lack enough direct sunlight.  The winter sun is blocked in the mornings by two very large pine trees that my neighbors have.  I positioned my pots where they should get a good amount of sun.  I just hope it is enough.  The seed I planted just over a month ago is doing well and has started to bud.  The other 4 plants are smallish but seem to be growing well.









I tried planting leeks earlier in the year, but most of them didn’t grow.  I picked the 4 smallish leeks that did grow and we will be eating all of them tonight in soup.




I was able to pick up 52 red scallop edging bricks for free.  I love getting free stuff for my yard.

IMG_1753 (1)


  1. We are in a similar climate. It was in the 80’s today. I also have some potted tomatoes. The length of the night will tell them not to produce so you may want to consider putting a light on them for 3 or 4 hours after the sun goes down to make them think the night is shorter. Best of luck!


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