Hibiscus Cookies

One of the things I want to do in my yard is grow mostly edible plants.  I still want to have some flowers and plants that will look nice in addition to being edible.  This year I planted Thai Red Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, it is a type of hibiscus plant with edible flowers.  The part I planned to use is the calyces, that is the part of the flower that the petals come out of.  The calyces are often used in teas like Red Zinger, and provided a tart citrus taste.

hibiscus plant

To harvest the calyces I wait until the the petals have dried, pull the petals out, and then take off the calyces.  Then I put the calyces on a paper towel until they are fully dried out.

I didn’t want to plant to many of them the first year since I didn’t know how many flowers I would get, so I ended up not planting enough.  I needed something to use the flowers I had and found this cookie recipe.

To make the hibiscus tea that was used in the cookies and frosting, I put the dried calyces in some cheese cloth and put them in boiling water.

flowers in cheesecloth

The tea was a dark red color and was very tart since I allowed it to brew for quite some time.

hibiscus tea

The cookies didn’t take on the tart taste of the hibiscus tea, but did have a hint of the taste.  The frosting ended up a nice pink color that Lynn wants to use when frosting our daughter’s birthday cake.



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