Thanksgiving Vacation: Part Four – Sedona

I know that it is almost Christmas, but I thought I had better finish our Thanksgiving series anyway. Our last stop on our vacation was Sedona. I had been wanting to visit this town for a while and was glad we finally did! We didn’t get to visit both the parks we wanted but I know my kids had a great time.

I had read a lot about Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing and wanted a certain picture of the rock formation with Oak Creek in the foreground. Unfortunately, we ended up walking the wrong way and I never got my picture! At first, I thought we might have wasted $14 getting into the park but my kids had such a good time that I thought it was worth the $14!


It took us about 3 hours to walk a mile and a half. There were so many things to see and we also were just a little bit lost. The park ranger at the gate gave us a map, but it was not very clear how we were supposed to get to Oak Creek/Red Rock Crossing. We stopped at Buddha Beach and disturbed the peace there quite a bit. There is just something about a pool of water that inspires boys to throw rocks into it. After eating lunch at the swimming hole (making sure to pack out what we pack in!), we headed back down the trail.

We found our way back to our car and took a few pictures of Cathedral Rock in the distance. I also played tour guide a little as a few fellow tourists asked me about what was in the park and the walking trails.

We had some worn out kids by the time we made it back to Flagstaff. We stopped at a natural water source on our way back. I’m not sure if it was an artesian well or if was water from Oak Creek. I do know that it tasted cold and delicious!

Since we were only able to visit Red Rock Crossing/ Crescent Moon Picnic Area on this trip, we are hoping to come back and hike in Red Rock State Park another time. Maybe when our kids are older and can handle a longer hike.

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