Today’s Lego Challenge! from

We did last week’s Lego Challenge at Gather. Love. Grow. and were excited to try this week’s challenge too: Make something out of Legos that sinks!

We weren’t very successful though!

My four boys’ Lego creations are pictured above. Two of them have Lego Ninjago spinners as their bases.

The two that did not have the spinners floated. The ones with the spinners did too. The spinners were below the surface of the water so the Legos built on top were keeping them from sinking. We thought that was pretty interesting! Just a few Legos built on the spinners was enough to make them float.


What we finally had to do to get the Legos to sink! Two spinners with nothing on them!

Right now, my two oldest boys are trying to program a Lego Mindstorms T-Rex so the Lego challenge is kind of still going!

Oh, and a quick note: I would recommend the Lego Ninjago spinners. My boys actually used them more to build elaborate tops instead of using them with only the minifigures. They are a retired product at the Lego shop online but they are still relatively inexpensive at Amazon (Lord Garmadon).  I don’t recommend the Lego Ninjago Airjitzu flyers unless you have a lot of outdoor space! They are dangerous inside the house!

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