Bathroom Remodel – Part 8 – Finished Vanity (mostly)

Note: This post is from March 2015. I think this is when we had to stop work on the bathroom remodel. Since it was spring, Josh wanted to get outside to put his plants in.

The tile backsplash is completely different from the one that has been in all the previous pictures. We ended up going with a more expensive tile, but I love it so much that I think it was worth the extra cost.

We used the Moon Jewel mini-brick tile from

We had to take a break from the bathroom remodel because Josh was out of town for two weeks.  He was able to get a lot done before he left.  I was not able to update while he was gone though, so this post is to make up for that.

This is how the vanity looked before Josh left. The vanity area is missing a mirror because a piece of hardware to hang it was missing from the box! I am not sure what Josh is planning to use instead.

Before Josh was able to grout the tile backsplash.

I love our faucets!

The right side of the vanity closest to the door. Please ignore the ugly shower reflected in the mirror!

Our new medicine cabinet.  I love it! It is mirrored on the outside, on the inside of the door, and in the shelf area!

How the tile looks with our quartz countertop. I was a little afraid it wouldn’t match but it is perfect.

This kind of tile backsplash is very hard to lay flat, especially since our walls aren’t really straight. So we just had to make do with imperfections.

A closeup of the countertop.  I love how shiny it is.

The left side of the vanity and the other sink.  We no longer have fights in the bathroom between our kids.

The difference between the paint. We thought we were getting white!  But it is more of a lavender color and I love it.

Accent tile around the window.  Josh was not able to grout it before he left.

Our vanity in actual use. There are seven of us sharing this bathroom so I think countertop clutter with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash is inevitable.

My attempt at spa-like decor

My  kids thought the stones in these cylinders look like mentos.

Final touch on top of the cabinet. Some blue hydrangeas. I am pleasantly surprised how much I like the teal in the bathroom.

So we still have a long way to go.  The bathtub is the next project, which should hopefully not be too complicated.  After that, comes smashing up the shower and replacing everything in it.


7 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel – Part 8 – Finished Vanity (mostly)

    1. I am not looking forward to our kitchen remodel! Lol I would imagine it would take us around 4 months or more as well!

      I will say though that remodeling is a rewarding experience no matter how long it takes. 😄


    2. My brother and SIL redid the kitchen of the cottage they bought. Luckily they weren’t living there at the time and had the money to pay for ‘professionals’ to do it for them.


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