Inexpensive seed starter “greenhouses”

I bought these disposable basting trays at the Dollar Store. I am going to use them to start my seeds. The lid should help keep water inside the pot, and function as a little greenhouse. I have always been bad at keeping seed starts wet, and I am hoping this will help me do better. 

9 thoughts on “Inexpensive seed starter “greenhouses”

    1. If I had to guess I would say they are aluminum since they are disposable basting trays. Since they are cheap I don’t plan on using them long so if I think they are going to corrode I will get rid of them. I am also not putting a bunch of standing water in them.


  1. I hate buying wobbly overpriced seed trays. Good to see that there are more people out there that are of the same opinion. I use milk cartons, plastic bottles / cans. It works out well, are free and a simple form of recycling everyone can do.

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  2. Too wet is as bad as too dry, I think. My dad used to get damping off on a regular basis due to over watering I think.

    PS: I’ve used cardboard egg cartons to start my seeds. Covered with saran wrap to keep in the moisture. 🙂


    1. That would work too. I have used peat pots in a tray in the past. I usually don’t get as many seeds to start that way as direct planting. This year I want to get at least some of them going early.

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      1. Good lucky. I think the roaster idea is a great idea. Maybe the little ones could start their own trays in egg cartons for fun and plant the results if you have some seeds to spare.

        I got a lot of damping off and only 5 of my basil plants survived.

        I transferred them to larger pots outside and they really took off.


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