Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build a Maze (Labyrinthe)

Source: Lego Challenge Tuesday – Build a Maze (Labyrinthe)

Many thanks to gather love grow for another Lego Challenge.  This challenge was one that really interested our boys.  Each of them came up with something different, and mostly they worked out.


This is the maze made by our 11 year old.  It is pretty simple, and that pretty much fits him right now.  The made was easy to get through, but it did have the Lego man waiting to catch the marble.


This is what our 8 year old came up with.  He is much more detail oriented and likes to try out new things.  His is totally covered and has two paths.  One of the paths dead ends, so the only way through the maze is to shake the marble around until it pops out of the end.


Our 6 year old attempted to copy his brother.  His only has one path thought it is covered.  That makes it pretty simple, but he did want to try something harder.

I am looking forward to what next weeks Lego Challenge will be.









Baking Bread: Pretzel Buns

I have been wanting to make pretzel buns for ages! I’m glad I finally got to, and I used a fabulous recipe from A_boleyn’s website. The dough was so easy to work with. My kids were very excited when I told them I was making pretzel buns. We have only had pretzel rolls twice from a bakery. Once from Bread and Cie in Hillcrest that were wonderful, and the other time from Vons that were okay (my boys still ate them up). Josh has also made pretzel buns before. They tasted great but ended up a little flat. My pretzel buns actually ended up a little flatter than I wanted but they were still slice-able (is that a word?)

My dough after proofing for about an hour.
I loved playing with this dough! I will be making it again. 🙂
My dough balls weren’t perfect. I might have to weigh my dough balls next time so that I end up with more uniform sizes.
The hardest part was poaching the buns in the boiling water and baking soda solution. I had not floured my baking sheet very well so the buns were sticking to the surface. My buns deflated a bit on the way to the pot. Next time, I will probably add more flour to the dough at the first knead to get the right consistency. I think I will also make my dough balls smaller! The small buns baked up the nicest and roundest.
My buns baked a bit unevenly but they were still good. We used the buns to make ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Thank you to A_boleyn for sharing her recipe with me! I am very happy with this bake. Any issues I had with it were due to my inexperience. I will know better what to do for next time!


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