Lego Challenge – 02/02/2016

Many thanks to gather love grow for again coming up with a fun Lego Challenge.  Today we were challenged to make bacon and eggs with Legos.  If the kids wanted to they could make other food objects or utensils.


Our 11 year old fulfilled the challenge, but didn’t go any further.  He isn’t always the most creative or artsy of the kids.


Our 8 year old is artsy and creative and he decided to go further with the challenge.  In addition to the bacon and egg, he added a pancake with butter on top.  He also made a Lego plate to put the food on.  Our kids like bacon that is crispy to the point of being slightly burned, so he made the bacon with a bit of black in it.


Our 6 year old is silly and had a lot of fun with this one.  He put some grass and a bush on his plate.  The poor people who would have to eat that.  He has the egg with even more burned bacon.  Also he made a grape, blueberry, raspberry, pancake, and a star cookie.


This was another great Lego challenge that brought out the creativity in at least 2 of our kids.  If you are interested in doing the Lego challenge then please go to the gather love grow blog.  Isabelle puts the challenge out early in the morning, and requests that people share pictures of their Lego creations to show her children.







    • Lynn-Marie says:

      We really enjoy these Lego challenges! I think my oldest son is usually pretty busy on Tuesdays and doesn’t have much time to be creative with his creations. They loved last week’s challenge! The next morning they were up and building mazes again before 7!

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