A Little Trip Downtown

Today was one of those perfect Southern California days. Please don’t hate us for our weather! It was 70 degrees down by the water today, a beautiful day to be out and walking around in short sleeves.

There are some places in San Diego that we have been going to for years and years and we just don’t want them to change. To us, they are iconic San Diego.

Seaport Village is one of those places.


We are so afraid that this place will change. So today, while walking through the shopping center, I snapped as many pictures as I could.


My middle child, Ian, is being Ian for this picture. They were very impressed by this cactus! They had never seen one this tall.


We always stop to see the ducks at the water feature flowing through part of the village. There weren’t as many as usual.


I loved seeing all these flowers everywhere. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!


We don’t always go in every store. We have our favorites. But here in Seaport Village, it’s nice to see that there is always a little bit of Christmas.


The Kite Flite store is always a magnet for my kids. They love watching all the whirly-gigs in the front and seeing the bright colors. We used to have a red, white, and blue hot air balloon from this store, but it blew off our front porch awning during a bad storm.


One of our favorite walks along the water here in San Diego.


I never realized that you could see mountains past Coronado Bridge from this viewpoint. I love the way the sunlight reflects off the water.


This fish market is relatively new to Seaport Village. Josh doesn’t like fish so we did not buy any, but the pier here is a good location to get some good pictures of the water. It was interesting to see the sea urchins, and then to look at this “menu” board.


My daughter, Gwennan, was fascinated by this wood mobile of different animals.

I had to take a picture of these hats. The bright yellow ones were just too fun and stand out from the others. I don’t think Josh could wear it though and get away with it!

Josh and I used to come in The Village Hat Shop as teenagers with our church youth group. Today we were in there with our kids to buy Josh some hats for church. A bonus: they had a military discount! I was really happy about that.

I didn’t get a picture of our favorite hot sauce store, Hot Licks, but we always stop in this store whenever we visit. This store is a bit overwhelming with all the choices that they have. We bought our favorite steak sauce, an avocado habanero hot sauce we’ve bought before, and (new to us) Culley’s kiwi hot sauce from New Zealand.


Mike and Diane’s Ring of Fire is hands-down our favorite hot sauce company. Even though we can make our own hot sauce, we still buy theirs too. A1 seems bland in comparison to their steak sauce. They are a local company.


Our favorite olive oil store, Seaport Oil and Vinegars, used to be here, but they just moved over to Little Italy.

After walking by this building, we headed back to our car and decided to visit the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. We had never been to this particular market. Since we live in East County, we had only visited two that were closer to us. I was most worried about finding parking! We found a spot though after about ten minutes of Josh driving around. We walked about 3 blocks to the market.

I wasn’t able to get as many pictures at the farmer’s market because there were so many people! It bothered me at first that there were so many people (I don’t deal well with crowds), but after a little bit of walking and finding a few vendors that appealed to us, there didn’t seem to be as many people as before.

When Josh and I find a vendor at a farmer’s market that we like, we tend to be pretty loyal to that vendor. We have a particular strawberry vendor we like and there is a preserves vendor called Terra Verde Foods that we visit whenever we run out of their jarred spicy jalapenos.

Today, we ended up coming home with quite a few splurges. I told Josh that was our splurge for the month.

First, we got our kids some really yummy peanut butter. Now, you would think all peanut butter tastes the same, but it doesn’t! This vendor was pretty busy! And they were kind enough to let all of our kids try a taste.

Farmer’s market vendors are very smart to let people try their food.


I have a feeling I am going to have to ration these out to our kids or it will all be gone lickety-split. It tastes almost like that cookie butter from Trader Joe’s, except better.


This vendor used to be at one of the farmer’s markets closer to us. We were sad when we didn’t see them there anymore. We were ecstatic when we saw them in Little Italy. Their chorizo is amazing. We didn’t get chorizo this time because it is quite spicy. This one we got for the kids. It isn’t too spicy.


So I gave in and bought some bread I didn’t make! I’m not sure if Josh and I are going to want to share this one with the kids though.


I have been craving decent chocolate ever since I finished my box of See’s chocolates that Josh gave me for our anniversary last month. Josh told me to get some of this so I did. I’m not going to argue with a man who tells me to buy some chocolate! I had actually read a bit about Nibble Chocolate online and was intrigued by what I read. So I am glad we saw them at the farmer’s market. It’s expensive but this is chocolate you eat only one square at a time. I’m going to make this chocolate last a while. I hope.

After our farmer’s market trip, we stopped in at Burger Lounge for lunch. Now, this was yet another splurge, especially since we had all the kids with us. Their burgers were yummy though and I’d go back there again! Maybe just Josh and I though. Our kids do appreciate a good burger, but we prefer to take them to Anny’s Fine Burger.


Thanks for taking a little trip downtown with us!



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