Lego Challenge Tuesday: 02-16-16

Today’s Lego Challenge from gather love grow was to build an apple tree.  The best part about these Lego challenges is to see how your children each build a different item when given the same instructions.  Each child’s personality comes through, and they each build very different Lego figures.

As usual, our 11 year old built the smallest project.  It probably looks the most like an apple tree, but was built with the least amount of pieces.


Ever the artist our 8 year old built a tree that is very leafy and a bit abstract.  I think it looks more like a tree from an alien planet then an apple tree.


With most of these challenges our 6 year old usually takes the simple idea and expands on it the most.  He is very exuberant and likes to do things his own way. For this challenge, he built an entire world rather then just one tree.


This was one that our 4 year old was able to get involved with.  His tree is tall with a white stump.  He said that is because of snow.  He has seen snow two times in his life, and both of those were for short periods of time.



I encourage everybody to go and check out the gather love grow blog.  We enjoy the Lego Challenges from there every week.








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