The San Diego Comic-Con Open Registration craziness

Josh and I have been going downtown either with or without our kids for Comic-Con every year for the past 3 or 4 years. We haven’t had tickets though and usually just walk around outside the convention center to experience all the free events. We always have a great time. But every year that we’ve gone downtown during Comic-Con time, we’ve said to each other, “Next year, let’s try to get tickets.” But we never did. Until this year.

There are some pretty crazy hoops to jump through before you even get the chance to buy Comic-Con badges. I found this out last year in February when I wanted to attempt the badge lottery. You had to create an account with the Comic-Con website before February 11th this year in order to even enter the waiting room to get a badge on February 20th. Last year, I was too late to create an account so I waited until last year’s open registration was over to create my account, and I had Josh create his account. That way, I knew we would be ready when this year’s open registration rolled around.

Comic-Con is probably one of the larger convention center events that happens here in San Diego every year. It’s fun and crazy and very, very crowded. I’ve only had tickets to Comic-Con once before, about 20 years ago, when it wasn’t quite as popular as it is now.

Downtown San Diego during Comic-Con  – July 2014


One of the free events we go to every year – NerdHQ.

Open registration this year was this past Saturday. So I let my kids play video games while I spent an hour online waiting to see if I would get into a registration session to buy tickets. You start out in a waiting room and then are randomly selected from there to enter a registration session. I never got in! But, a friend of mine was logged in just to help me have a chance to buy tickets. She got in! The day we wanted was sold out already, but there were still Thursday badges available. So she was able to get two of those for us. It’s not an ideal day for us (our mid-week church services are on Thursday) but we can spend at least part of the day at Comic-Con before we head to church.

We will definitely blog about our adventures that day and post a lot of pictures!

Looks like I will need to create some kind of geeky category. After all, we are The Geek Homestead!


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