Lego Challenge: 02-23-16

Today’s Lego Challenge from gather love grow was to build a lightsaber out of Legos.  I expected that my boys would build large elaborate lightsabers, but they each built something small.  Our oldest said he couldn’t find pieces to make it bigger.  That in spite of the large number of Lego pieces we have everywhere in the house.

Our oldest made a tiny lightsaber. I do like the round handle.
Our second son made a lightsaber that has holes in the blade.  I am not sure how that would work, but it does look fun.
Our third son was proud of the shiny pieces in his lightsaber blade.
Our fourth son made a Lego Lego lightsaber.
Our daughter wanted to get involved so she brought me a butterfly slinky to take a picture off.


If you like what you see please go by and see the gather love grow blog, and let Isabelle know you like the Lego challenges.  They are her ideas, I just have my kids follow them and blog it to show her what we have done.



We have a Facebook page where I try to put up more pictures of the plants we grow.

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