100 Posts!

I wanted to write this for the actual 100th blog post, but I think I ended up writing about pavlova instead. So here is the 105th post, but pretend it is the 100th post. 😉

Josh and I started the blog as .44 Hobby Farm in August last year. We weren’t quite sure yet of what we would focus on, so our blog name was more of a placeholder than anything else. We live on 0.44 acres in San Diego County. Of course, Josh will always wish we had more land! Our whole lot would probably be fruit trees and raised garden beds if he had his way. 🙂

Last month, Josh decided he liked the name The Geek Homestead so that is now our blog name and website domain. We are well-known amongst our friends as “geeks,” and we are slowly trying to incorporate some of the ideals of homesteading into our daily lives.

Here is just a quick list of some posts from the past few months 🙂

Lynn’s very first post – August 29, 2015 – my first time making any kind of cheese from scratch

Josh’s very first post – August 29, 2015 – building a raised garden bed out of cement blocks

Josh builds a masonry wall – September 9, 2015

Lynn’s Sourdough Starter adventures – September 2015 – my starter is still alive and going strong 🙂

Our starter has given us yummy crackers, crumpets, sourdough bread, and pizza crust!

Josh’s Bokashi composting – November 2015 – what a great way to compost pretty much any food scraps!

One of our more adventurous bakes! – Hibiscus Cookies – December 2015

We do aim to start posting more recipes and add those to their own category. I do want to make sure that we do post them properly and with the correct acknowledgements though. If anyone knows how this works, I would really appreciate the input on how to do that! As far as I can tell, if you rewrite the recipe in your words (with your own additions/subtractions) and make sure you link to the site you found the recipe, that it is okay to post the recipe? If there is more to it than that, I would love to know!


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