Friday Bakes in 3 Parts – Stuffed Crust Pizza

Since 1 pizza isn’t enough for my family and we like thick crust, I have taken to doubling our standard sourdough pizza crust recipe from King Arthur Flour.

Sourdough Pizza Crust

I have posted about pizza crust before, in this post. This time though, I decided to try making the crust into a cheese-stuffed crust. I also brushed the crust all over withย  melted butter and roasted garlic powder. I was also more prepared this time and was able to make a kid-friendly pizza that disappeared and a supreme-style pizza for Josh and I to share.

The cheese-stuffed crust turned out good, but I didn’t seal the crust completely on the inside, so some of the cheese leaked out during the pre-bake. That was okay though. The melty cheese was covered up by all the toppings!


Hard salami instead of pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, some no-cook pizza sauce, and of course, lots of mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I am finding that I kind of like the rectangular shape for pizza.


Josh and I had a kind of healthy pizza. Well, not really, but it tasted good! Salami, Italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms, red bell pepper, red onion, a few bits of spicy chili peppers.

I was really happy with how my pizza crust turned out. We like a thicker, chewy crust, which is why I have to double the recipe.

To make the cheese-stuffed crust, I just sliced up some block mozzarella into rectangular blocks of cheese and rolled the edges of the pizza crust over them before the pre-bake. Next time, I will probably make the blocks a little bigger, maybe string cheese thickness. I also need to figure out how to seal the crust so that the cheese doesn’t leak out.

One nice thing about doing a cheese-stuffed crust is that it allowed me to actually define the edge of the pizza. Usually, my edges aren’t very clean.

The no-cook pizza sauce I used is from Fine Cooking. I halved the recipe for these two pizzas and had no sauce leftover to take up space in my fridge. My kids are more into the cheese and the toppings than the sauce so the fact that it didn’t cook on the stove is fine with me!


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