Saturday in the Garden: 03/05/2016

Today I was unable to work on my garden or house due to work. Instead I took a few pictures of some of the things starting to grow around the yard. We have has beautiful weather in Southern California making many of my plants very happy.

my Cara Cara orange tree is blooming well this year

I have never had good luck with the Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Maybe this will be the first year.

I can’t wait for these purple tomatillos so I can make salsa.

The Tom Thumb Peas are blooming even though they are only about 3 inches tall. I wonder if that is normal.

My Kale plants have started to get their second leaves, and they actually look Kale shaped.

My blood orange tree is looking good this year. Two year ago something ate most of its leaves, last year my neighbors chickens cleared off all the buds.

Hello little bean plant. It is ok to come out now.

I planted 3 Desi Squash seeds for now. All three have sprouted strongly.

I find the growth stages of plants to be fascinating.  Hopefully, I don’t bore people with pictures of plants and how they are growing.




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