Lego Challenge: Build a Cake

Today’s Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow was to build a birthday cake. ¬†Again each of our children took a little different course when building the cake. ¬†They all made smallish cakes, but each one look different.

Our 11 year old made a very small cake decorated with a mini minion.
Our 8 year old used a Legoland piece, and has fire on his candles. He thinks his cake looks like a castle.
Our 6 year old made a cake for somebody turning 2. It is lemon, strawberry, blueberry, and chocolate flavored.
Our 2 year old built the tallest cake. It started small, but he kept taking it away and making it taller.
Our 2 year old wanted to get involved with this one. She even got some pink into her cake.


Thanks again to Isabelle at Gather Love Grow for another fun Lego Challenge.