Paper tube seed markers

The paper tubes that are left after toilet paper and paper towels are used up are quite useful for the home gardener.  I have used them in the past to help mark where I put a seed.  The idea is that I will know exactly where to water rather then watering places where there is no seed.  In a drought prone area, this can be a good way to save some water.


Using a piece of a toilet paper roll to mark where I planted a nasturtium seed.

This year I came up with a new way to use the paper tubes.  In the past when I have planted carrots I just spread the seeds and hoped for the best.  I sort of tried to put them out well spaced and in a logical pattern, but the seeds typically ended up growing in the low areas.  I think this is because carrots need to be surface sown and the seeds would travel with the water.  So, this year I cut pieces of the paper tubes and put them into the ground where I wanted the carrot seeds.  Then I put a couple of seeds inside of each paper ring.  This keeps the seed where it belongs, and it allows me to water the seed better since I know where it is.

So far I am having much better luck with how my carrots are sprouting then in the past.  More of the seeds are coming up, and they are better spaced.

I also used some of the tubes when planting other kinds of seeds, but didn’t take any pictures.  For instance if I needed to plant a seed an inch or two deep I would dig a hole just a bit deeper then needed.  Then I put a section of the paper tube in the hole, put a bit of dirt inside, and placed a seed inside.  Then I filled dirt into the tube over the seed.  This helps me to get the seed at the proper depth.

I hope this helps you with your planting.


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