Where Have You Been, Lynn?

It’s been at least a week since I last posted. I’m not even sure I would count this as a real post! But I felt like I should say something about why I haven’t been around for a while. I’m glad Josh has been able to post though. He has been working hard in the yard!

I’ve been working hard too, but just not on anything post-worthy. Well, maybe one thing, but I’ll come to that.

So this past week, we went to the desert to look for wildflowers (which I will write about hopefully soon in our Places page) and visited a stinky lake, and I did a literal mountain of laundry (our 3.6 cubic foot washer is not big enough for our 7 person family so it takes me 3 days to do laundry), graded papers, made a batch of cinnamon rolls and tried my mom’s pan de sal recipe again (yum yum!), had an off day in my baking on Friday, but managed to get it right today for the baked goods for our church-school’s auction. Hmmm… Did I just write a run-on sentence? Oh well, too late now!

We also had one of our neighbor’s baby chicks escape into our yard. My youngest boy named it Chocolate. We had to give it back though. We think it will eventually end up as dinner.

We also found a great Mediterranean restaurant right by our house! So we now have Mexican, Vietnamese, pizza and Greek/Mediterranean close by. We are just waiting for a coffee place (not Starbucks) to open now.

I know I just made cinnamon rolls and those were good, but for some reason, I got it into my head to try making Cinnabon-like cinnamon rolls. Cinnabons are huge, full of cinnamon and sugar, and probably terrible for your health. That must be why they taste good.

Of course, I went looking for a recipe. I have tried a few from allrecipes before but I didn’t really like the way they turned out. I ended up at Jo Cooks

I believe she also has a recipe for Magic Cake. I’ve tried the plain Magic cake recipe but I didn’t do it right. I need to try it again. It is kind of a Magic cake!

This is what happens when I post from my phone. I ramble. Back to the Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.

These took me a little while to make and it was a little messy, but making cinnamon rolls is just like that.

These were huge cinnamon rolls! I think I might have overdid the cinnamon though. I could have used half or three-fourths of the sugar-cinnamon filling. These were so filling that only two of my kids ate more than one. And yes, they did taste like Cinnabon! I think the secret is the amount of cinnamon, so maybe I should just leave the filling amount alone.

A 10×13 pan of these lasted us two days. I’d say that’s pretty good for a big family!


P.S. My baking off-day was on Friday. I hope I don’t have another one of those soon! It was terrible!

2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been, Lynn?

  1. Sympathies on your laundry chores … seven people, 5 of them children. I can’t imagine the mountains. I have to save mine up and do laundry every couple of weeks to get enough bath towels/white fuzzies, darks, dish towels to make it worth the effort.

    Those Cinnabon rolls look huge and the icing decadent.

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