Saturday in the Garden: 03/26/2016

This morning I replaced the ceiling fan in my boy’s bedroom.  When I replaced my daughter’s fan it took me many hours.  The original electrical box that the fan hung on was to small for the bracket on the new fan.  I ended up spending a lot of time in the attic replacing that electrical box and bracket assembly.  Today I got lucky and the new fan fit on the old box.  I think it took me about an hour to replace the fan.  Since that ended up being quicker and easier then expect, I was able to spend some time in the yard.

I was finally able to get the last of the raised garden beds planted.  I am probably a couple of weeks behind where I should be at, but our weather here is pretty forgiving so my plants should be OK.

I did take some pictures of seedling.  I enjoy watching the plants grow, and I find the changes in the leaves and the size of the plant fascinating.  Many of my plants are starting to sprout.  Our weather has been in the upper 70s most days lately, and that makes for happy seeds.

We have a lemon tree that is producing more lemons then we can easily use right now.  When we moved into the house two years ago the tree was pretty sad.  It had been neglected for year and it showed. The lemons on the tree looked like mutants.  They were oddly shaped and didn’t taste good at all.  I pruned the tree, watered, and fertilized it, and now it is a happy tree.  If you live in a place where citrus will grow, then I highly suggest planting some trees.  Citrus trees do not need much care to get good results.

I planted garlic all over my yard in the fall.  I didn’t know what parts of the yard it would grow well in, so I figured I would try all of them.  Most of the garlic sprouted and I believe I will have much garlic in a few months.  These are pictures from a few of the places I planted garlic.

Now for a few random pictures.


One of the fennel plants that have sprouted after I let a fennel go to seed last year.


Mizuna flowers.


This blood orange tree is the first thing I planted when we moved in. The first year it got eaten by something and almost died. The second year my neighbor’s chickens got to it and at its buds and some of the new leaves. This year it is finally doing well and growing.


Spring is here and plants are growing.  It is rewarding to see the plants start to grow.  Of course the anticipation is enough to make a person crazy.  Why can’t those tomatoes grow faster so I can have a fresh tomato?



  1. thestarter1978 says:

    How lovely to be able to grow oranges and lemons. Here (in the Isle of Wight), garlic tends to strip the soil of nutrients but it may be that is just because we get far less sunshine.

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