Lego Challenge: Build a Car for an Egg

Today’s challenge to from Gather Love Grow is to build a race car for an egg.  Here are the goals for the challenge.

1- build a race car that can carry an egg.

2- race the car down a ramp while carrying the egg and make it to the bottom of the ramp safely, without breaking the egg.

3- you must use 4 wheels (my kids asked if they could just slide it down without wheels. It doesn’t flip over as easily. But nope, you NEED 4 wheels, at least, or else it doesn’t qualify as a “car”. No boat races!)

We raced ours down part of our driveway rather then down a ramp since we have a convenient slope in the driveway.  Only our 3 oldest participated since the younger two were not really up for this one.  They used some Easter eggs we have around the house to help make an egg sized compartment in their car, and for their practice runs.

Our 12 year old came up with a car that had many pieces on it.  I think all those pieces were to help protect the egg.  The car ended up having even more tires once it made its way to the hill.  He said they were training wheels.  His car lost pieces on its way down the hill, and ended up broken into many pieces.  However, his egg survived the drive down the hill.

Our 8 year old built a car with a compartment on the inside.  The egg fit perfectly into the compartment and protected the egg.  His egg also did not break.

I really thought our 7 year old would have a broken egg.  His car had a large compartment in it were the egg would bounce around as the car drove down the hill. However, his egg survived the bumpy drive intact.


Thank you Isabelle for a fun challenge.  Please go to the Gather Love Grow blog to see the cars that Isabelle’s children made.








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