The Felling of a Tree

Josh has mentioned before that when we moved into our home, the yard was overgrown and full of a lot of junk, plants and otherwise. There is an ash tree in your yard that we have been wanting to have cut down for a while. It seeds all over the yard and our neighbor’s yard, having a 60-foot tree that close to the house and on a hill probably isn’t the best thing in the world, and some of its branches were starting to rot out.

Today, we had the ash tree removed. It was a little sad to see it go, but the process was very interesting! Even though my boys had school today, we went outside today at various times to see each stage of the process.

The ash tree before being cut down. The purple flowers you see at the top of the pic are part of our jacaranda tree.
After removing the lower branches 
Thinning out the top
The tree looks more like a twig now
No more tree. They did leave us the stump, which my boys immediately went and stood on when they had the chance.


We asked if they could leave us the mulch and some of the wood. We now have a huge pile of mulch in our driveway and two woodpiles up by the bunny hutch. Josh will put the mulch to good use in the yard. The wood will be used in our fire pit and to level the side yard.

Josh took some pictures of the wood in the woodpile that shows the tree was starting to rot from the inside and needed to come out.

We used All Access Tree Care based in El Cajon, CA. When the owner, Mike Raffo, came to give us an estimate a month ago, I did not get to meet him, but I did get to meet him today, since I was the one home during the tree removal. He was very professional and answered my questions. He and the work crew got to our house around 8:30 AM and they worked until about 2:45 PM. This was a large tree and it was a lot of work to take it down. They also had to think about our bunny hutch since it couldn’t be moved. The branches above the bunny hutch were roped down. The work crew also cleaned up afterwards and left our backyard actually cleaner than it was when they started!


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6 thoughts on “The Felling of a Tree

  1. Congratulations on getting the tree down without incident. With the rot in some of the side trunks, you might have had a mess in the future. We had an ailanthus tree (tree of heaven) in our front yard (planted by the city many years ago) which had rot in one of the side trunks and in a storm about 10 yrs ago it broke off and took out the side fence. The city ended up coming and cutting the whole thing down in several visits until they finally took out the stump.

    Our house insurance was responsible for replacing the fence as it was ‘an act of god’ situation … according to the city lawyers. Above ‘normal’ winds and they had been maintaining the health of the tree is what the letter from the city said. I was NOT happy.


    1. That’s awful that you had to pay for damage that wasn’t your fault and because of something the city was supposed to maintain.

      Yes, we were worried that sometime in the future one of those large side branches would end up in the house in a bad storm.


      1. I just didn’t bother having the fence replaced. It’s on the alley side of my property. It also took out the fence of the business on the other side of the alley … they were going to sue ME for the damage done by the tree since it was on my property. But since it was the ‘city’s’ tree, they couldn’t. Of course, I couldn’t hold the city financially responsible either.


    1. I have had a hard time getting it prior to this. I had to get my own tree cut down to get the wood chips.

      I am a bit picky though. I don’t want palm or eucalyptus so that makes it harder.

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