Mostly Wordless Wednesday: 06/08/2016

Various pictures, some descriptions in the captions. Pictures taken in our yard and garden.

Watermelon Flowers
Purple Basil







A few interesting things I have seen at work this week.

Scenery pictures of rural parts of San Diego County.

Some animals that were around me while I was working

Today, I saw this TARDIS in Ramona, CA. It comes from the British TV show Doctor Who.  If you are into Doctor Who then this is a big deal.  If you are not then I forgive you.


I post a number of the pictures I take on Instagram.


One thought on “Mostly Wordless Wednesday: 06/08/2016

  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your gardening efforts. Everything looks so healthy.

    I’m a Dr. Who fan (not a fanatic though) so I would have snapped a pic to the TARDIS as well.

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