A Leap of Faith

I just realized that it’s been more than a week since I have posted! We have been very busy here in sunny San Diego, and I actually have two or three posts worth of words to write and pictures to share. But I just haven’t had time to sit down and edit the pictures or write the words! 

So what is our leap of faith? 

We are in the middle of starting a major home remodel that will convert our garage into living space: an office, utility room, a powder room, and a master suite. Everything about this is an exciting but scary venture: the cost, the time, the construction. And there are many things that have to happen around the same time for this to happen! Josh and I just do not have the know-how or the time to remodel the garage on our own, so we are hiring this one out. 

One of our “requirements” to have the money to pay for the major remodel is to finish part of our bathroom remodel: the bathtub area and surround. So this week is bathroom remodel week. We are aiming to be done by July 5th with that entire area. There are still a few other things that need to be done, namely the floor, but we are going to wait on that until we have a second bathroom to use!

There will definitely be a bathtub remodel post. It has been an interesting experience to say the least!

The Lord has provided many things for us so far on this journey! I am looking forward to seeing what He does next! Stay tuned for more posts after our bathtub remodel is done.