If I were a poet, I’d write an ode to these jars.  But I am not a poet. I will say that seeing these jars of jam and jelly in the pantry makes me happy.

I am actually not the canner in our family. Josh is! I will gladly let him have that job though because it is hot work! Matthias will often be his helper.


The reddish jars are pomegranate jelly and the dark jars are blueberry jam. I wonder what else we can add to our preserve stash?

Josh wrote a post about making pomegranate jelly with Matthias!


P.S. Yes, that is a bulk box of brownie mix by the jelly jars! Sometimes, I still gladly take the shortcut.

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    1. Lynn-Marie

      We are a little bit addicted to it I think! We were so sad last year when we ran out but this year we should have enough to last the next 12 months.

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