Treasure Hunt at Homegoods

Josh and I first went to Homegoods in San Diego and loved it, especially the specialty food section. Today, we went looking for photo props to use in pictures for the blog and ended up in the specialty food section of course. The kids were all good sports during our shopping trip. Don’t worry; they were rewarded with Culver’s custard for their patience! Our fourth boy’s birthday was last week and he had a free sundae to get.

This was our first time in this particular location. It is a little smaller than the Homegoods that was near us in San Diego, but it was still full of interesting finds. I would definitely return.

My favorite treasure was a bottle of Mount Mansfield Organic Maple Syrup. It was so neat to find it at Homegoods. I used to buy quart jugs of their syrup from their online store. That was a few years ago though, when we could afford it. Hopefully soon, we will be able to order from them again.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts, their maple candy is excellent as well as their maple syrup! You actually can’t go wrong with anything they sell. All of it is high quality and we have always enjoyed anything we have bought from them!

We did find some photo props at Homegoods too! One of them is in the picture of the maple syrup: the wood trivet. We are looking forward to using them with our bakes!


Pomegranate Jelly

One of my favorite things that I planted at our house in California was the pomegranate tree. It really liked the weather there and grew quickly. Last year we had just over 50 pomegranates off the tree. We made a variety of things with those to see what they were like; the favorite of everybody though was pomegranate jelly.

I only made six jars of the jelly and they were gone in a couple months. Since we had moved from that house I figured I would not be able to make that jelly again this year.

Thankfully, my job sent me to the house of an older lady with an overloaded pomegranate tree. Most of the fruit had split already and was attracting bugs. I was able to get several grocery bags full though.

My wife, oldest two sons and I removed the arils from the skin. We got enough to fill a large bowl.

The next step is to remove the juice from the arils. Pomegranates are pretty crunchy because there are a lot of seeds; I don’t like the jelly to be crunchy.

Even though the fruit has a skin I always rinse the insides before using them. Sometimes the skin has little cracks that allow bugs in. I don’t think a gnat or fruit fly floating in the jelly would make my wife happy.

My basic technique to remove the juice is to put some of the arils in the blender, and pulse them until they mostly appear broken.  Then I dump them in a sieve over a large bowl, and push out the juice.

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