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Star Wars Miniland to Leave Legoland California and Florida in January

Those of you who love Legoland as much as we do might already know this, but I thought I should blog about it. Star Wars Miniland is a place we have enjoyed every time we visited Legoland California and we will really miss it! We already missed the Star Wars Days that used to happen every year, but that also will no longer be a Legoland event.

Read more about the closure of Star Wars Miniland at the San Diego Union-Tribune website.

Read about one of our past visits to Legoland during Star Wars Days.

I wish we could visit Legoland before Star Wars Miniland closes but I know that won’t happen. Don’t be like us! Make sure to visit either Legoland in the U.S. before Star Wars Miniland closes January 6, 2020. That date is coming up quickly!

Lego Challenge: Build a Christmas Tree

Today’s LEGO challenge is to build a Christmas tree. I actually had the kids do this challenge last week since we are busy this week with an early Christmas vacation. We knew we had to include a Christmas tree in this month’s LEGO challenges!

Rhys wanted to build a cactus Christmas tree but he couldn’t find his cactus LEGO pieces. So he built his own cactus Christmas tree. I like his transparent green trunk.

Ian built a Minecraft-style tree and decorated it for Christmas. Both he and Rhys used some interesting building techniques.

Thias built a more traditional Christmas tree. I can imagine this tree being in the town square of a micro scale city.

What will your Lego Christmas tree look like? Please share if you can!


This Week on the Homestead. 12/01/2019 – 12/07/2019

This week has been really busy due to work and church meetings. Our oldest son has started playing the flute in the church orchestra at our new church. This is a good thing, but can be a bit time consuming.

I was able to get some really nice sunrise pictures one day.

Sunrise on our rain pond
Sunrise on the rain pond

The sky is so open where we live that the sky will turn colors away from the actual sunrise or sunset.

And here is the obligatory sunset picture.


Pasta Cat (not to be confused with Taco Cat)

Yesterday, I posted our 300th blog post and didn’t realize it until the afternoon! Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the beginning and thank you to those who have joined us recently. We are hoping to regularly post now that we are settled into our new home. I know that 300 posts really isn’t much for a 4 year old blog but it’s still good to celebrate the milestones, right?

So this is one of those kind of silly, filler posts. But hopefully it will still be fun!

My fourth child, Rhys, had an assignment a few days ago in his science class to make a dinosaur out of pasta. Now, this is one of those fun crafts that I knew the other kids would be interested in! So when I prepared the materials, I made sure to prepare enough for four of the kids to make a picture. Corran’s too old for pasta pictures and Gavin is too young and would just try to eat the uncooked pasta. Yuck!

Pasta pictures is a craft that most moms and dads know about but I’ll list materials anyway. It’s definitely one of those crafts that you already have most everything you need already! I had three types of pasta and was wishing I had elbow macaroni for them to use, but the kids worked with what I had.

  • Pasta, the more shapes and sizes the better
  • White glue, the squeeze bottle type probably works best
  • Cardstock, since it’s stiffer than construction paper, it holds up better to the weight; cardboard would also work
  • Imagination (does anyone else hear Spongebob’s voice when they think of the word “imagination?” No, it’s just me? I’m weird I guess. Or I have kids who like Spongebob.)
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Lego Challenge: Build a Snowman

It’s the Christmas season! That means Christmas-themed LEGO Challenges for the month of December. We will be doing a Christmas LEGO Challenge once a week this month. If you decide to do these along with us, we’d love to see your pictures, whether it’s here or on Facebook! Let’s play!

Ian’s snowman build is very much Ian. He built a microscale city (with green buildings because they painted them that way) with a giant snowman attacking it. Is anyone else getting flashbacks to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters? This snowman is not quite so jolly-looking though!

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