This Week on the Homestead. 11/24/2019 – 11/30/2019

In the past I have done a weekly post called Wednesday in the Garden. It was more for myself to keep track of how the garden was doing. I hope that people enjoy the pictures that I put up along the way.

Now that we are on a much larger property I am expanding the concept. This will be about what we see and do on our property as a whole. These are going to be things that possibly don’t warrant a full post of their own.

This was our first Thanksgiving here in Arizona and this house. We are very thankful for what we have. This house is giant and our yard is beautiful. There are so many opportunities for us.

The morning after Thanksgiving we had quite the thunderstorm. There was even a tornado warning for a short period of time. Our rain gauge only showed around .6 inches of rain, but we also got a lot of small hail. These pictures and video where taken using a flashlight since it was still dark.

Hail on the back porch
Hail in our Front yard
The gutters couldn’t handle all the hail and rain
A pile of hail below the gutter
Our rain water pond
Our yard roadrunner rode out the storm in its saguaro perch

The storm also brought snow to the mountains. We can see it from our yard, though I am not sure it shows well in pictures.

The rain helped to soften the ground, so I decided it would be a good time to plant trees. I started with two Anna Apple trees. It is the same type that I planted at our old house. They need less chill time then most other types. There are probably better apples out there, but this is a great type for desert areas.

My Apple planting crew

A jackhammer makes planting trees so much easier

Last but not least, here are some obligatory Arizona sunset pictures from this week.


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