This Week on the Homestead. 02/16/20 – 02/22/20

This week on the homestead has been pretty busy. I have had some long days at work so have been unable to do as much as I like, but we have gotten a few things done.

Last week I wasn’t able to get a post in to document what we did because I was quite tired after Saturday. I was able to get quite a bit done on the chicken area; the run part is done and I was planning to work on the living quarters. However, we saw a free chicken coop on the Nextdoor app that will work perfectly with the run I built. We will be getting that coop delivered in a week.

I was also able to plant the two pomegranate trees that we received from Trico, our power company.

The trees looked like sticks, and I was kind of worried that they were dead. Thankfully, I saw spots where leaves are starting to form already.

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Trico’s Tree Program

When we bought our house last year, we knew that we would want to plant more trees on the property, specifically fruit trees. Josh has already planted two Anna apple trees, and our next fruit trees were going to be pomegranate.

At our old house in California, we had one pomegranate tree that gave us many pomegranates after two years (it was a few years old already when we bought it and planted it).

We were waiting to buy pomegranate trees because of the cost, but then I found out that Trico, our power company, has a discount shade tree program to help its customers reduce their power bill.

You can read about Trico’s Tree Program here.

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New Additions to the Geek Homestead

When we lived near San Diego we ended up with 6 chickens. The first one escaped from a neighbor and ended up staying with us since that neighbor decided to stop keeping chickens. Later we bought two more chickens, then a friend gave us three.

Adding chickens to the homestead helps in many ways outside of eggs.

  • They eat garden and household scraps which helps make compost
  • Their bedding and manure are the only reason I had a working compost heap before
  • They help teach our children responsibility and caring for something other than themselves
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Dehydrating Barrel Cactus Fruit

Josh and I have always been fascinated by the idea of eating the fruit of native desert plants, particularly cactus. So when we saw that we had quite a crop of barrel cactus with fruit growing in our yard, we looked up when we could pick them, how to pick them, and how to eat them.

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