Merry Christmas from The Geek Homestead!

Merry Christmas to all of our readers and visitors! We hope that you enjoy your time with family and friends this Christmas season: the opening of gifts, the delicious food, the twinkling Christmas lights, and the chilly weather or maybe even some snow!

Let’s not forget though the reason for Christmas.

And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.”

Matthew 1:21

From the King James Version

God bless all of you as we enter 2020 together!

-Joshua and Lynn

Josh’s Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary Present

Josh didn’t want to post about this but I thought it was still worth at least a short post.

There was a smoker at Sam’s Club about a month ago for $299.

Masterbuilt Pellet Grill at Sam’s Club

I told Josh about it because I knew he wanted one. He said it wasn’t quite what he was looking for so we both forgot about it. Then he saw it on clearance for $199. That was too good a price to pass up so we bought it. It’s Josh’s Christmas, birthday, and anniversary present. Josh’s birthday is in the first week of January (he’s going to be 40!) and our wedding anniversary is the day after (18 years!)

This past Saturday he smoked pork chops, chicken drumsticks, asparagus, and stuffed mushrooms for lunch since the kitchen was overtaken by cookies, so many cookies.

This was just a practice smoke so we didn’t take many pictures. The pork chops turned out the best with a smoke ring.

Josh is planning to smoke pork spareribs for Christmas dinner. If he can find the time to run by Costco before Christmas to buy some! It’s probably going to be busy there this week, just a little.

As a fall-back plan, I do have a ham in the fridge he can smoke for us instead. It was such a good price I couldn’t resist buying it. And you can never have too many ham bones to make soup!


More Construction News for The Geek Homestead

Josh and I have decided to take the leap and move to a self-hosted WordPress site. I am going to try and have everything set up on the back end before we actually move, so hopefully there will be very little downtime during the transition. I’m expecting that some things will break though during the move and there will be a possible switch to a new theme. I really like our current one but am unsure if we can keep it after the move.

Fortunately, I think most of the move will be taking place after Christmas so the blog will be working normally through this whole week. I know I haven’t posted any baking lately even though we spent the whole day Saturday baking Christmas cookies! I also baked a 6-layer cake for Gwennan’s 6th birthday the day after Christmas.

I have a post in the works about the macarons my mom brought me from a Laduree in Paris.

Josh is working on a post about some pomegranate syrup he made and canned a few weeks ago.

And of course, we will still post the famous Arizona sunrises and sunsets. Those pictures usually end up on our Instagram or Twitter feeds though.

Thank you for sticking with us as we grow! We appreciate all of you very much!