Jasmine Syrup

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We have a small jasmine plant that I planted last year.  Jasmine love the weather in San Diego County, and best of all they do not need much water to…

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Lego Challenge: Build a Cake

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Today's Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow was to build a birthday cake. Again each of our children took a little different course when building the cake. They all made smallish cakes, but each one looked different.

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Angel Food Loaf Cake

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Angel Food Cake made in a loaf pan, for when you don't want to make a classic angel food cake in a tube pan or when you have egg whites leftover to use.

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Too Much Shortbread?

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Is it possible to have too much shortbread? Josh and I wing a maple bacon shortbread recipe. It wasn't perfect (no snap to the chocolate) but it was still delicious!

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