Too Much Shortbread?

Today, we are overrun by cookies! I don’t think this is completely a bad thing, but it certainly isn’t good for our health!

Yesterday, Corran helped me make Polish Tea Cookies.  I realized that we never put up a good picture of the cookies after they were baked! So here is a picture. I think Corran was happy that I was taking pictures of his cookies this morning. 🙂


Now, I don’t usually make more than one type of cookie at a time, but Josh had been wanting to make maple bacon shortbread cookies since Tuesday. We had breakfast (Pancakes!) for dinner that day and somehow, we ended up making too much bacon! Is it possible to have too much bacon? Probably not. There are plenty of ways to use up leftover bacon!

I was a little iffy about using bacon in cookies though. Josh convinced me that it would taste good. So after dinner last night, we set out to make these cookies, kind of winging it in the process.

He found a recipe that used a box cookie mix as the base for bacon cookies, but we don’t want to use box mixes if we can help it and we didn’t have any anyway. I asked him what he thought of using shortbread as the base. Josh LOVES shortbread, so he jumped on this idea right away.

Since this was going to be a base, I was looking for a simple recipe. I ended up using a recipe from for Traditional Scottish shortbread. It only had 3 ingredients, sugar, flour, and butter.

I seriously think I went through about 2 pounds of butter when I was baking yesterday. I didn’t make just shortbread, but also baked Hawaiian sweet bread and an angel food cake loaf.


I used a 9 x 13 jelly roll pan. I wanted these to be pretty thick so they would hold together. I think they were 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick.


I kept an eagle-eye on these while they were baking. I didn’t want them to brown too much. They ended up being the perfect color after 25 minutes. I cut the sheet of shortbread in half so it would be easier to get out of the jelly roll pan.


For a chocolate topping, I just melted a bag of bittersweet Nestle chocolate chips in a large glass measuring cup in the microwave. If I had had more time, I might have attempted to temper the chocolate. But, since these were chocolate chips, I wasn’t sure if it was even worth trying to temper. Someday, I will learn how to temper chocolate. It is on my list! I am curious now though, can storebought chocolate chips even be tempered?

Why would we want to temper? Josh and I were kind of looking for a snap to the chocolate topping, not the softness of this chocolate once it had cooled. Tempered chocolate would be shiny (not dull like these ended up) and have a snap to it when it broke.


Before the chocolate cooled, I sprinkled on some candied bacon that Josh had made earlier.  Most of the recipes he found for candied bacon used uncooked bacon, so he had to tweak one of them a bit to use the cooked bacon we had left over.


Candied Bacon

6 cooked bacon strips
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/2 tablespoon maple sugar
Pepper to taste

Cut up bacon into pieces. Cook in skillet over medium heat until crisp. Stir in sugar and pepper until bacon is coated. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Can put on wax paper if you like. Once cool, crush the bacon into bits.

Josh used a combination of maple sugar and maple pepper that we have in the spice cabinet. We love our spices and tend to have some rather exotic ones in there.

After I sprinkled on the bacon, Josh put the pan in the fridge so that the chocolate could cool.


I think the verdict is that these are really good! A lot better than I thought they would be. All my kids liked them, so it’s even kid-approved! I think Josh might be a little sad to come home from work and find some of them gone from the container… Ooops!


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Sourdough Pizza Crust – 3rd time!

I had two bowls of sourdough starter taking up space in my fridge, plus it is Friday! So what do I decide to make? Sourdough pizza crust using one bowl of sourdough starter!

Number one, I probably will not do this again when my oldest son has band practice (he plays the flute). It was at the wrong time of afternoon and I had to put off getting the crust into the pans because of it. Dinner ended up being at 6:30! That’s a little too late for us.

Number two, I don’t know why, but my family ate this crust up. There were no leftovers! The last time I made this crust there were leftovers.

I used the same recipe I did the last time: King Arthur Flour Sourdough Pizza Crust.

The things I changed:

  1. I used my own Pizza Dough seasoning.
  2. I doubled the recipe.

Pizza Dough seasoning

Pizza Dough Seasoning

Note: I used Penzey’s spices.

2 tsp grated Parmesan cheese

2 tsp Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle

1/4 Tbsp roasted garlic seasoning

1/4 Tbsp toasted granulated onion

1/4 Tbsp Tuscan Sunset


This is my happy sourdough starter. I had an extra bowl of it in the fridge for when I wanted to make pizza crust again. I have to double the recipe for the pizza crust to feed all of us and that takes 2 cups of starter. If I used my main starter for this, I would have no starter left!


Because of the larger amount of pizza dough, I wasn’t able to use my KitchenAid mixer to knead the dough for me. I ended up kneading the dough by hand for about 15 minutes. I’m still not sure that was long enough either! It probably could have used another 5-10 minutes. I got a good arm workout today.


My pizza dough proofed for a VERY long time. Probably too long! I just was not able to get the dough into the pan when I wanted to. I started the dough around 10 and had it in the bowl to rise by about 11. I was going to try and get the dough into the pan around 2:45 to 3 but that didn’t work out (band practice was at 2:15). I had to wait until almost 4 to prepare the pans.


One of the pans of pizza dough ready to be baked. I pre-baked the crust for 8 minutes at 450 degrees F after brushing it with olive oil.

pizzaslice pizzawhole

After the pre-bake, I put the toppings on: pizza sauce, bacon, salami, provolone, mozzarella, and purple kale. Yes, kale! The pizza needed some green (and some purple too!) and that was all the green I had in the fridge that would work.

My suspicions on why these pizzas disappeared and my last ones didn’t:

  1. Everything tastes better with bacon. This is a fact.
  2. The kale? No, that can’t be it.
  3. The pizza dough seasoning?

I think I might have gone overboard with the garlic. The roasted garlic seasoning I used is VERY strong. I probably could have used half what I did.

The crust didn’t rise in the pans as much as I would have liked, but that’s okay. Since there were no leftovers, I guess the crust was good!

I was REALLY surprised that there were no complaints about the kale. At least, no complaints that I heard. My youngest son did ask “what are these black things?” though. He did eat it even after picking it off. I actually liked the kale on the pizza. It provided some leafy crispiness.

My pizza must always have bacon on it from now on. Always.


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