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Pumpkin Cheesecake Bundt Cake with Maple Icing and Candied Pecans

This bundt cake had a lot of steps to it, but it was worth it! I had some pumpkin left over from a pumpkin cheesecake that I made for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that cheesecake ended up being a bit of a wash because it was underbaked. It would have ended up on the blog as a recipe, but it needs a little more work. I don’t think my family will mind. That just means they get to eat more cheesecake!

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The pumpkin cheesecake looked so pretty but the crust was soggy and the middle was more like pudding since it was underbaked. I think it was not just underbaked but had too much moisture in it as well. At least, I learned how to make stabilized whipped cream!

I did decide to go with a cheesecake filling for the pumpkin bundt cake. And this time I made sure it was baked all the way through!

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Chocolate Chip Almost-Mandelbrot

Yesterday, Corran finished school early and asked me if he could bake something. I guess he knew that most of our sweets from Thanksgiving were gone, and he wanted to replace them! I told him to go ahead and look through my cookbooks and find something. Cookbooks will always be useful I think!

While I went to take care of the baby, Corran went to work in the kitchen. He picked Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot from Dorie’s Cookies.

Dorie’s Cookies is a chunky book that is like a wishlist of cookies. It’s full of good things. It is interesting that I’ve actually not made many cookies from here, though I do have a few recipes marked that I want to bake. So far, Corran has made more cookies from this book than I have!

If you would rather see a recipe online, this recipe at TheKitchn is close to what Corran made.

Since Corran was the one who baked these and he is a competent writer, I will let him finish the post off for me.


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You’re stuck with me for the rest of this post – Corran

The difference between these and normal mandelbrot is that these don’t use almond flour. They were pretty easy to make, although I did use a cup of expensive olive oil instead of canola oil like I was supposed to. It was entirely my fault though, as our jug was gone and I didn’t know where to find more. Near the end of their cooking time some of their bottoms looked burnt, but they still tasted alright.

On the right side you can see the almost burnt ones.

Overall it was a fairly easy recipe and the cookies it makes are pretty good. I want to make it again, this time with orange instead of chocolate chips and I’ll dip the ends in chocolate.

If you’re thinking these look a lot like biscotti, you’d be right. The difference is in their texture; biscotti is more snappy, while these have a cake-like texture.

Is It Dessert or Is It Breakfast?


If this pumpkin Bundt cake turned out, there will be a recipe up in the next few days!

Double-Chocolate Marble Cake

This post was written by our 15-year-old son, Corran. He has expressed an interest in cooking and baking, and he has actually been a big help to me in the kitchen lately. As he says, this cake was very yummy, but with our large family, it was gone in a few minutes! Fortunately, we had some leftover dinner rolls that Corran made last night for anyone who was still hungry. Corran will probably be posting often as his interests also run to video games, which would be a good addition to our “Geeky” section!



A couple days ago, I was looking through Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan when I saw a recipe for a marble cake. I like the way marble cakes look, and it didn’t seem too hard, so I tried my hand at it.

This recipe used quite a bit of chocolate. Normally marble cakes are made by swirling together a white cake and a chocolate cake, but this one used white chocolate in the white portion. I thought it was interesting how the cake was formed; you separate the two batters and drop spoonfuls of each into the pan, then zigzag a knife through it a couple times. It wasn’t as swirly as I would have liked, but it still looked cool.

I don’t have any more pictures of it because I didn’t know I’d be writing a post on it.

I’m not sure how often I can make it though, as it uses quite a few ingredients and takes about 2-3 hours, but with how many of us there are it was gone in 15 minutes. If I do make it again, I’d like to add mocha to the chocolate portion and cardamom to the white.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dehydrated apples, homemade crackers

When I saw Honeycrisp apples on sale for 49 cents a pound (only up to 5 pounds sadly), I had to buy them! I’m pretty sure we could have just eaten them all fresh but I wanted to try dehydrating fruit again and apples would be good practice.

I used information from Don’t Waste the Crumbs since it has been a while.

I think I might have sliced these too thick because it took them almost 8 hours to become even close to crisp. My kids didn’t care that they were a little chewy. About half of them are gone already from snacking!

If my kids will eat it, I count that a success. Next time I see apples on sale though and I decide to dehydrate them, I will be slicing them thinner to get actual apple chips.

While I was putting the baby (he’s almost 2 but he will forever be “the baby!”) down for his nap, Corran baked up some crackers from Melissa K. Norris.

Since I wasn’t around, he did the whole recipe himself. He doubled the recipe but wasn’t able to roll the dough out thin enough on a pizza stone. The crackers were more like savory cookies. None of us cared much though because most of the crackers are gone too! I think he will want to make them again but I’ll hopefully be there to help him next time. I’m still impressed with Corran though for baking them all by himself.

Later, I had Corran bake Jiffy corn muffins to go with dinner. It is so helpful to have a teenager who doesn’t mind helping with the cooking!


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