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Possible Japanese Beetle Grubs Found in Yard

Today, I was working on putting compost into two sections of my yard.  While digging in the dirt I found a number of white grubs with reddish heads.  They look like the ones in this picture.


From what I can tell, they are either Japanese Beetles or June Bugs.  Either is supposed to be bad for plants.  I found many of them in my raised bed that had beans in it.  The grubs eat plants roots, and I had found a large number of my bean plants had smaller then expected root systems.  The plants also didn’t grow or produce as many beans as I had expected.

I am working to grow all my plants in an organic manner.  One organic manner to kill the grubs is Milky Spore powder.


I ordered enough of the powder to take care of my two raised beds and my lettuce/herb garden beds.  The powder is supposed to kill the grubs and spread itself in the dirt.  It should last up to 10 years in my dirt and help keep it clear of those nasty grubs.


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