Lego Challenge: Build a Snake

Today’s Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow is to build a snake.  This is a harder challenge because the build has to be out rather then up.  Lego’s are much easier to build up, so building on a horizontal plane can be hard.


Corran, the 11 year old, made a nice snake all of one color.  Lynn had to make him go back to work on it, so I wonder what it looked like before.



Matthias, the 8 year old, made a multicolor snake.  I think it has a good snake like head.



Apparently, I took a bad picture of Ian’s snake.  I thought the boat was the head, but he says it is the tail.  It is a rattlesnake.  He is 6 years old and has a unique mind.



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Lego Challenge 03/01/16: Build a Potted Plant

Today’s Lego Challenge from Gather Love Grow was to build a potted plant. The plant needs to be able to stand on its own and have a pot around it.

Today our 11 year old actually got creative.  He made this leafy plant with a flower.C (1)

Our 6 year old made a Mario Bros themed plant.  I think it is one of the mushrooms that you jump on on some of the levels.  It has Kai from Ninjago jumping on it.


Our 4 year old basically remade his apple tree from the past except this time it has more apples around it.


Our 2 year old wanted to get involved again, and this time she actually used Legos.


Our 8 year old made 4 flowers.  To me it looks like a field of flowers, so technically not potted plants but pretty non the less.

m (1)m (2)


If you are interested in doing the Lego challenges, I encourage you to follow Isabelle at Gather Love Grow to have the challenges come to you.


Lego Challenge Tuesday: 02-16-16

Today’s Lego Challenge from gather love grow was to build an apple tree.  The best part about these Lego challenges is to see how your children each build a different item when given the same instructions.  Each child’s personality comes through, and they each build very different Lego figures.

As usual, our 11 year old built the smallest project.  It probably looks the most like an apple tree, but was built with the least amount of pieces.


Ever the artist our 8 year old built a tree that is very leafy and a bit abstract.  I think it looks more like a tree from an alien planet then an apple tree.


With most of these challenges our 6 year old usually takes the simple idea and expands on it the most.  He is very exuberant and likes to do things his own way. For this challenge, he built an entire world rather then just one tree.


This was one that our 4 year old was able to get involved with.  His tree is tall with a white stump.  He said that is because of snow.  He has seen snow two times in his life, and both of those were for short periods of time.



I encourage everybody to go and check out the gather love grow blog.  We enjoy the Lego Challenges from there every week.








Lego Challenge: Eiffel Tower

Today’s Lego challenge from Gather Love Grow was to build the Eiffel Tower. Lynn had the boys look up pictures of the Tower to see what it should look like. 

Our 11 year old made a good representation of the tower. He used mostly small pieces so is quite small. 

Our 8 year olds tower seems more like a clock tower to me but he put a lot of effort and work into it. He wanted me to also take pictures of his cannon car with the tower. 

Our 6 year old is kind of silly. He made his Eiffel Tower on wheels for some reason. 

Many thanks to Isabelle at gather love grow for another fun challenge. 

Lego Challenge – 02/02/2016

Many thanks to gather love grow for again coming up with a fun Lego Challenge.  Today we were challenged to make bacon and eggs with Legos.  If the kids wanted to they could make other food objects or utensils.


Our 11 year old fulfilled the challenge, but didn’t go any further.  He isn’t always the most creative or artsy of the kids.


Our 8 year old is artsy and creative and he decided to go further with the challenge.  In addition to the bacon and egg, he added a pancake with butter on top.  He also made a Lego plate to put the food on.  Our kids like bacon that is crispy to the point of being slightly burned, so he made the bacon with a bit of black in it.


Our 6 year old is silly and had a lot of fun with this one.  He put some grass and a bush on his plate.  The poor people who would have to eat that.  He has the egg with even more burned bacon.  Also he made a grape, blueberry, raspberry, pancake, and a star cookie.


This was another great Lego challenge that brought out the creativity in at least 2 of our kids.  If you are interested in doing the Lego challenge then please go to the gather love grow blog.  Isabelle puts the challenge out early in the morning, and requests that people share pictures of their Lego creations to show her children.