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Dehydrated apples, homemade crackers

When I saw Honeycrisp apples on sale for 49 cents a pound (only up to 5 pounds sadly), I had to buy them! I’m pretty sure we could have just eaten them all fresh but I wanted to try dehydrating fruit again and apples would be good practice.

I used information from Don’t Waste the Crumbs since it has been a while.

I think I might have sliced these too thick because it took them almost 8 hours to become even close to crisp. My kids didn’t care that they were a little chewy. About half of them are gone already from snacking!

If my kids will eat it, I count that a success. Next time I see apples on sale though and I decide to dehydrate them, I will be slicing them thinner to get actual apple chips.

While I was putting the baby (he’s almost 2 but he will forever be “the baby!”) down for his nap, Corran baked up some crackers from Melissa K. Norris.

Since I wasn’t around, he did the whole recipe himself. He doubled the recipe but wasn’t able to roll the dough out thin enough on a pizza stone. The crackers were more like savory cookies. None of us cared much though because most of the crackers are gone too! I think he will want to make them again but I’ll hopefully be there to help him next time. I’m still impressed with Corran though for baking them all by himself.

Later, I had Corran bake Jiffy corn muffins to go with dinner. It is so helpful to have a teenager who doesn’t mind helping with the cooking!


Follow-up Post: Crackers from Scratch

This morning, we made the second batch of crackers! This turned into a family event. 🙂 All five of my kids were in the kitchen watching while Corran helped me roll out and season the crackers. They were also very excited to eat up the results!

This may end up being a regular event. It makes a great snack for my kids and it gets them in the kitchen to learn how to bake!

These turned out much crisper than yesterday's batch. I think the next time I do this though, I will follow the recipe's suggestion of turning off the oven and leaving the crackers in there to crisp up more after baking.

These turned out much crisper than yesterday’s batch. I also used more salt and added rosemary to the herb blend. I think the next time I do this though, I will follow the recipe’s suggestion of turning off the oven and leaving the crackers in there to crisp up more after baking.

This is about 1 minute after the crackers were cool enough to eat.

This is about 1 minute after the crackers were cool enough to eat.


Crackers from Scratch?

I think the Great British Bake-off is influencing what I make, because today I made crackers from scratch. I have never done this before so this was a kitchen experiment. I found a recipe for Sourdough Whole Wheat Crackers at The Fresh Loaf. It looked simple and it used whole wheat flour, which appealed to me.

I had to start very close to over with my sourdough starter because of gnats getting into my main starters. Fortunately, I had a reserve starter in the fridge that I could build up. I did the discard starter step twice yesterday and was able to get one cup of starter to use for crackers. You can never have too many uses for starter! Sometime soon I need to try making crumpets again.

Simple ingredients: whole wheat flour, starter, butter, salt, and herbs

I started out mixing the dough with a spatula

Eventually, I used my hands to work the dough and incorporate the butter. At first, the dough stuck to my hands, but after about five minutes, I had a stiff dough ball and very little dough on my hands.

I tried to impress my son Ian with my dough ball. He wasn’t impressed.

Once I had a dough ball, the dough needed to rest for three hours. Three hours is a long time so I fed my kids lunch and made croutons from some bread that was in the fridge.

I brushed bread cubes with olive oil and sprinkled them with lavender pepper and sea salt.

7 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. I had to stop myself from eating them all.

I could have done a better rolling job.

I thought I had the dough rolled out thin enough but I think tomorrow I will try to roll out the other batch even thinner.

I used a pastry cutter (I think it is a pastry cutter. I could be very wrong.) with scalloped edges to make the cuts.

These took a little less than 30 minutes to bake.

After they came out of the oven, I had a hard time keeping Josh and my oldest son Corran away from them long enough to cool. Once they had cooled enough, the crackers snapped off right at the cuts. I think there could have been more “snap” so that is why I will try rolling the dough out thinner tomorrow.

This is the seasoning I used. I should have used more than I did.

It was nice not having an overly salty cracker but my oldest said it needed more seasoning. I think I will try using the sandwich sprinkle along with rosemary and coarse salt tomorrow. My oldest son has already volunteered to help me roll out the dough.

It didn’t take long for the crackers to disappear.

By dinner cleanup time, all the crackers were gone. I would say this is worth it to make. It uses starter, kids love it, and it doesn’t take forever to make though it does take a bit of planning with the 3 hour rest time.

Note: I posted this from my phone so the formatting is very off on this post. I’m not sure if I will post from my phone again!

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