Night-Blooming Cereus: First Bloom

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I just finished writing a post about the night-blooming cereus in our yard and how they might bloom in the next few days. Then found out that it was possible they would bloom tonight! But it turns out that only one of our night-blooming cereus bloomed tonight and that we still have four left to go.

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Night-Blooming Cereus: Bloom Watch

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I mentioned the night-blooming cereus cactus in one of our This Week on the Homestead posts. There are different varieties but I think our particular ones are Peniocereus greggii. The flowers bloom for one night in June or July starting around 8 PM and then close by dawn the next day.

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Wednesday In The Garden: 07/05/2017

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It is hard to believe that 2017 is now over halfway gone. We are now entering the hot season. It isn't as bad as some places, but most days will…

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Wednesday in the Garden: 04/19/2017

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Today I have a few garden pictures. The plants are growing well since the weather has been warm with a lot of sun.  The strawberry plants haven't died and are…

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