Root Beer Syrup

Ever since we bought our Drinkmate carbonating system, we have been making our own soda instead of buying it. Sadly, our CO2 cylinder is currently empty and we have to wait until the end of the month to buy a new one (or two!) We definitely have been missing our homemade soda though!

Even though we can’t currently make our own soda, I went ahead and made root beer syrup anyway to store in the fridge until we buy a CO2 cylinder.

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Pomegranate Soda

This year for Christmas we got a DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker. Our children like soda, but we don’t really want them to have all that extra sugar. With this soda maker we can make our own soda and control the amount of sugar. This particular machine can carbonate any drink. What you make is limited only by your imagination.

Our children did take that a little far though. They were all spouting off things that we could use the soda maker for, and many of the ideas were bizarre. Our 10 year old had the oddest ideas. He wanted to carbonate gravy. I don’t know what he thought we could do with carbonated gravy though.

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