This Week on the Homestead. 03/15/20 – 03/21/20

This week on the homestead has been a bit odd. All around us, people are having to change their lifestyles drastically due to COVID-19. Schools are shut down. Restaurants and other similar businesses in Tucson are all shut down. Since we live in a rural location and already home school, this hasn’t caused a big change in our family life for the short term. The biggest changes have been for me at work. There is a huge emphasis on cleanliness and keeping an eye on your own health.

To keep Lynn from having to go out, I did the family grocery shopping on Friday. The grocery store closest to us had been cleaned out of many staple foods like beans, rice, pasta and oats. Things like dried fruits, pickled vegetables and canned fruits were in limited supply. There were absolutely no paper products at all.

We only moved here at the end of August, so I hadn’t planned on doing much gardening this year. My plan was to try and find things to make compost out of this year and start the garden next year. I guess all this craziness got to me, and I am going to be putting in a few garden beds now. I have ordered the wire from Amazon that I need to keep the rabbits out. I also bought some wood for garden beds at Lowes.

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This Week on the Homestead. 03/08/20 – 03/14/20

This week we were expecting to get a lot of rain; the forecast was for rain from Tuesday to Thursday. Thursday showed a chance of 0.8 inches, which a good amount in the Arizona desert. Water is always a consideration when you are trying to homestead in the desert. Unfortunately, we ended up with very little rain. We started out well with 0.12 inches on Tuesday, but got only 0.03 during the rest of the storm. From what I read and observed driving for work, all around us there was rain, rain and more rain. We somehow ended up in a bubble of no water.

We still do have some flowers in the yard in spite of the lack of water. Wildflowers in the desert really don’t need much to grow.

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Saguaro Sunset

This Week on the Homestead: 03/01/20 – 03/07/20

This week on the homestead, we have started to see Spring showing around our property. The weather has warmed up, with highs in the low 80s a couple of days. We have seen little wildflowers growing in protected areas. The flowers are hard to see so you have to really pay attention when walking around.

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This Week on the Homestead. 02/23/20 – 02/29/20

This week on the homestead was dedicated to chickens. We spent a lot of time thinking about them and working with them. We were either trying to keep them alive, getting more, or working on their living area.

We did lose 2 of our original 8 chicks. The first was one of our Easter Eggers that one of our sons had named Smokey Quartz after his favorite rock. This one had seemed to be one of the larger and stronger, but got sick and died quickly. The other was the smallest of them all, named Little Fluff Ball, and she never grew. She was spunky in spite of her small size and we felt drawn to that spunk right away. She fought to stay alive, and we spent a lot of time trying to help her eat and drink. Unfortunately, she just wasn’t quite strong enough.

The other 6 are doing quite well though. They seem to be starting to get their feathers now and are showing some color.

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