Green Tea Ice Cream

I have been on an ice cream making kick lately. Our kids like ice cream a lot so I make it for them. Well, to be honest, it is really for me and I just share some with them.

I usually make simple kid-friendly flavors. This time I wanted to make something unusual. I have been thinking about making an Asian ice cream flavor for awhile. I was considering Green Tea or Thai Tea flavors. Lynn was in San Diego a little while back and went to the Asian grocery stores with her mom. She was able to buy me a container of Matcha Green Tea Powder, and that settled what kind I would make. I finally had the opportunity to make it and this is what I came up with.

Green Tea Ice Cream is flavored using Matcha Green Tea Powder. It is available at Asian grocery stores. The modern world is great for expanding your tastes, because it is also easily found on Amazon. This is the type of Matcha that I used.

As a warning, some people do not like Matcha at all. If you use too much it can taste like eating grass. So, when in doubt use a little less, and don’t make too much of something using Matcha until you have tried the flavor.

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