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Bathroom Remodel – Vanity Total Cost

I thought it might be useful though to outline the costs for the entire vanity area and where the materials came from. The only professional installation was the vanity countertop. Josh and my father-in-law installed everything else themselves. I have posted costs before but so many things changed between that post and the final product that it is probably best to have the “after” also!

Let’s start at the top of the vanity area!

  1. Two Trendscope pendant lights – from Home Depot – $76.50 each – $153 total
  2. Two Classic wall mirrors in Satin Nickel – from Restoration Hardware – $185 each – $370 total
  3. White Hutton Medicine cabinet – from Restoration Hardware – $169
  4. White wall cabinet – from Lowes – $75
  5. Moon Jewel mosaic tile – from Tilebar.com – $19.95/square foot – total cost for vanity area: $220
  6. Titan quartz prefabricated countertop in Sierra Ice – from Stoneville USA – $345.60
  7. Fabrication and installation of countertop – $300
  8. Two Kraus 15″ square ceramic sinks, two Kraus Ramus faucets in satin nickel, and two pop up drains in satin nickel – from Home Depot – $520
  9. Cabinet hardware – from Dixieline – $28
  10. Refinishing of vanity – $30
  11. Plumbing (I am really estimating here since I am not sure how much Josh spent on the plumbing.) – $50
  12. Drywall repair, Electrical – $125
  13. Vanity decor – from San Diego Rustic Imports and Michaels – $75

Total estimated cost for the entire vanity area:  $2450

I am going to assume that labor probably would have almost doubled this amount so we saved a lot of money by Josh and father-in-law doing most of the work themselves.  It took them a lot of Saturdays to do it though!

My current estimate for the total bathroom remodel is $5000, though I will not be surprised if this goes up because you never know what you will find behind a wall or underneath the floor!

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