Wednesday in the Garden: 06/28/2017

Our weather in the past week has been a bit of a roller coaster.  For instance, on Monday the temperature was around 100 degrees F and today was 78 degrees F.  I think these ups and downs are going to have a negative effect on some of the plants.  I know that the really hot days made a few plants unhappy.

In spite of the weather changes, the garden is growing well.  We have a number of things that we are harvesting and eating right now.  In particular we have green and wax beans to pick just about every day.  We also have more chard then we can use, which is nice because I have been able to share quite a bit of it with my mom.

My daughters flowers are growing well, especially the snap dragons.


The pumpkin plants are over spilling their area and growing everywhere.  I don’t think they like the heat very much, and are starting to look fairly wilted.  Hopefully a few cooler days will bring them back to life.  I think I could get some pumpkins out of the plants right now if they died off.  However, I would prefer to allow the pumpkins to ripen on the vines.  Last year we had our pumpkins ripen towards the middle of July, so that is what I am aiming for this year.


I am thinking I will be able to pick some of the Desi Squash in the next couple of days.  They taste quite a bit like zucchini, but are round rather then long.  I do have to be careful not to let them sit to long, because they quickly go from good to tough and woody.


I think these plants seeds came from a packet that was marked as Desi Squash, unless I planted the wrong thing.  However, they are very different looking plants.  As you can see from the picture above the Desi Squash is bushy in nature.  They plants below are vines and want to trail up things.  I am wondering if they are some kind of melon.  I guess I will just have to be surprised at what we get.


We are getting many green and wax beans. I have been able to give quite a few to my parents, while still having enough for us to eat often.


The 3 apples on our Anna Apple tree are getting to be a good size.  I don’t know how long they take to grow and how large they will get.  I am having fun watching them grow though.


My 10 year old son’s garden bed is doing well.  I have been able to get quite a bit of chard from his bed, and a couple of carrots.  I probably picked the carrots to early, but they tasted real good.  Store bought carrots are not nearly as good as home grown.  His melon plants have gotten very large, and have started to put on melons.  He is excited about those, because he really likes melons.


Our 13 year old son’s garden bed is still doing well.  His flowers have done well, and have a number of beautiful blooms on them.  His corn has ripened and we picked it today.  I will have a few pictures of that later.


I picked the rest of the beats and the corn from my 8 year old’s garden bed.


I hadn’t realized that our corn had gotten ripe until last night.  I was probably a couple days late picking the corn, but it was really hot this weekend so I didn’t get around to checking.  Unfortunately, most of the ears had a caterpillar in them.  The caterpillars hadn’t had much of a chance to eat the corn yet, so I squish them and then cut of the chewed up parts of corn.  The unaffected parts look really good and I can’t wait to eat them.


I have harvested some things throughout the week, but today I did a pretty good sized harvest.  My parents are watching the oldest two boys tonight, so I wanted to give them some things.  I was able to pick the corn, arugula, chard, beans and mustard leaves.


Tonight for dinner Lynn made pancit using all vegetables from our garden.  There was garlic, red and orange carrots, green and wax beans, and kohlrabi.  I get a feeling of accomplishment from growing enough plants to do a whole dinner.





Wednesday in the Garden: 04/12/2017

Today there will not be as many pictures as last week. While working in the garden, I had my two oldest come to cull their plants. I wanted them to cut out the extra plants that came up with some scissors. I guess I gave my nine year old bad instructions or he miss understood. His beet seeds produced a few plants per seed. I wanted him to trim each spot where the beets came up to only one plant. He thought I meant every square that he had planted. So he cut most of his beets and many of his carrots down. After I discovered what happened some crying happened, and I now felt like the worst dad in the world. I helped him replant where needed, and now I have to hope his plants still do well before the summer heat kicks in.

So here are the pictures I did get to take.

Our lemon tree is doing well so far this year.  I think Lynn is going to need to do a bunch of baking with lemons in the near future.

The Pomegranate tree continues to put out flowers.  I think we will have many fruits from this tree this year.

I am experimenting with strawberries in one of my raised beds.  There is some fruit on them, but I am mostly hoping they survive the summer.  I want to get runners off the plants and have a raised bed full of strawberries.

This celery plant took a long time to sprout.  I had planted it in the fall, but it took months to finally start to grow.  I like the color of the stalks because they are such a vibrant dark green.  The celery from the store is always so much more pale then this. I wonder if that is because they are a different type of celery or just that the store bought is picked to early.

They pansies that we planted have started to grow.  I never grew these plants from seed before, so I am interested to see how they look as they grow.


Our square foot garden raised beds are starting to look really good.  This is such a good way to grow a garden in the urban/suburban setting.


Hopefully, next week I won’t have my son kill his garden so there will be more pictures. I hope all of you that read this are having success with your gardens, and that you enjoy many tasty fruits and vegetables.



Mostly Wordless Wednesday: 05/25/2016

Just a few descriptions in the captions.

The arugula is flowering
Desi Squash









Fresh Produce Delivery – Part 2

I wasn’t sure what to title this post at first. And actually, this post won’t be very exciting… so I gave it an unexciting title. At least it gets the job done!

We received our 3rd delivery from Grubmarket on Wednesday and we hit our first snag with this delivery company. I had ordered 2 pounds of strawberries but there were no strawberries to be seen in our box! We did get some nice-looking produce though. I only took a few pics of what was in our box this time. There were plenty more than what you will see here in this post!

An heirloom Brandywine tomato. Josh’s tomato plants aren’t producing tomatoes yet, though they are looking great! I am thinking of making a focaccia with this tomato.
Hmm.. this isn’t produce! It’s chocolate! How’d these get in the box?

Blood orange and a gold nugget mandarin. I’ve never heard of a gold nugget mandarin. I usually get the oranges for Josh to take for lunch. I hope it tasted good!

A chioggia beet. These unassuming beets have a really fun interior. They look like candy canes inside!

After going through our box, I emailed Grubmarket about the missing strawberries. In a few hours, I got an email back that they were going to refund what I paid for the strawberries AND give me a $5 Grubmarket credit! Yes, I am sad we didn’t get our strawberries (my kids love them), but Grubmarket went above and beyond what they needed to and definitely kept a customer!


Mostly Wordless Wednesday 05/18/2016

Mostly wordless, just some captions.


The live Goji Berries I got from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds survived and are trying to come back.
I am liking square foot gardening
Purple Beans
New England Sugar Pie Pumpkins
What I hope is Capers
Are you ready for Tomatoes?


Today’s harvest. Beet tops, leaf lettuce, mizuna, Clairmont lettuce, beans, kale, arugula, pak choy


Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Pictures from the garden with a few comments in the captions.

Desi Squash
Desi Squash
Cilantro, Mizuna, Broccoli, Beans
Arrugula, Pak Choy, Marrigold
Blue Heirloom Corn


New England Sugar Pumpkin



Looks like we may get pomegranates