Jasmine Syrup

We have a small jasmine plant that I planted last year.  Jasmine love the weather in San Diego County, and best of all they do not need much water to grow.  Right now my jasmine is blooming, the scent of jasmine is one of my favorites.  

When looking up edible flowers I discovered that jasmine flowers could be eaten. I also found a recipe for Jasmine Syrup at My Persian Kitchen.  The recipe is simple and requires few ingredients so I gave it a try. I will not post the recipe since it isn’t mine, but I did take a few pictures. 


A cup of jasmine flowers ready to be washed.

jasmine flowers steeping in the hot sugar water

the recipe made about 2 pints of syrup

The syrup made with this recipe is perfectly sweet and has the flavor of jasmine. Now that I have made it I am not totally sure what to do with it and am open to suggestions and recipes. I hope to get Lynn to make macarons with it though. 


10 thoughts on “Jasmine Syrup

  1. Yum! Add it to tea or, if you do dairy, add it to fresh whipped cream. You can also put it in an ice cube tray, drop a whole berry in each and drop it in tea or lemonade. Oh! Drop a vanilla bean in the jar and then drizzle on crepes! I bet there are some beautiful cocktails you could make.

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    1. Adding a vanilla bean is a great idea! I’m making vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, vanilla salt tonight so I can use a bean for the jasmine syrup 🙂

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  2. My compliments on the lovely flowers and the syrup. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with it. Drying the flowers and combining them with green tea would have been my first idea.

    I’ve tried rosewater syrup but the floral notes were too strong for me. Apparently a few drops is all you need. Do you make baklava or kanafeh … they use syrup like this. As does lokum (Turkish delight).

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    1. I might try adding a bit to tea to sweeten and flavor it.

      We have never made baklava. We do have a large middle eastern community in our area. It is possible to buy amazing baklava. It would be hard to make it like that.

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