After 5 years of searching for a home, we found it on a .44 acre of land in the San Diego area of Southern California in October of 2013.  It was not perfect, but we could see the potential in the home and land. In April of 2019, we sold that home and moved to Marana, AZ, after struggling to make ends meet in California. We now live in a beautiful 2700 square foot house on 4 acres of desert and we love it!

About Lynn-Marie:

I’m Lynn, a Filipina mother of 6 beautiful children – 5 boys and 1 girl – and married to my best friend. Josh and I met at our church youth group when we were 14 years old. We were only friends for a very long time through high school and most of college. Then, our friendship changed to a courting relationship during my senior year of college. We were engaged on my graduation day and then married 6 months later. We have been married for 17 years now (18 years in January 2020)! I wouldn’t change a thing! God has definitely blessed us!

I currently homeschool 5 of our children: Corran – 10th grade, Thias – 7th grade, Ian – 4th grade, Rhys – 2nd grade, Gwennan – 1st grade. Gavin, my almost two-year-old, creates havoc during school, but we all still love him and spoil him to bits anyway.

We just moved to Arizona two months ago and don’t have our homestead completely set up yet, but we plan on growing as much of our own food as we can. I love to bake new recipes (inspired mostly by the Great British Baking Show). We also like to preserve food by freezing and canning. Josh is also in the middle of setting up composting. Future projects include building a chicken coop and raising chickens, repairing the greenhouse that is on the property, and making use of the observatory in the backyard. Josh and I are also Whovians, Trekkies, Lego fanatics, and Star Wars fans (Corran, our oldest, and Gavin, our youngest, are named after characters from Star Wars books). We also love visiting national parks and are very excited to be living near one! We have also found a great church to attend here in Tucson though we do miss our home church in California too. All these different things add up to the essence of our blog and give us many things to post! I hope that our experiences in these areas – the good and the bad – may be a help to someone else.

About Joshua:

I have always enjoyed growing plants, in particular edible plants.  When we were looking for our own house, I knew I wanted a good-sized yard in which I could grow fruit trees and a decent-sized garden.  When we bought our house the yard was in a sad state of over growth.  I have been slowly cleaning up all the junk and planting things that we can eat.

In addition to growing plants, I want to learn how to make as much of my own things as I can.  I am sick of buying cheap things that break or are overly commercialized.  I don’t want to have to rely on the big stores, but instead be able to be at least somewhat self sufficient.

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  1. You guys are precious! My husband and I met at our singles’ group at church–ages ago. We became friends, and then best friends, and some time during all that friendship, well fell in love. We’ve been married for 18 years.

    I tried homeschooling last year bc we were in between trying to sell our house and didn’t want our child to get caught between two school districts. I’m glad that we tried it out but also glad that she’s happy making friends at her new school. My mom, who is a retired K teacher, a real believer of homeschooling. I think game days are a terrific idea!

    It’s so nice to meet the two of you, and thank you for visiting my blog!


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  2. Thanks for following My Little Farm in Town! We are and have done the homesteading/homeschooling thing on a third of an acre in a small town in southern Wisconsin for the last 20 years. Enjoy every minute because before you know it you will be sending those little ones off to college! Take Care, Begonia

    P.S. When my daughter was the age of your homeschooler we decided to make Fridays game days. We played educational games that I made or bought on the subjects that we were studying: math, grammar, the planets, handwriting, the solar system, you name it. It was a nice break from structure.

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